curriculum vitae

Hannah Harkes works predominantly in the mediums of printmaking, installation and performance, using graphic imageries within spaces and events. Her practice is informed by sociological and emotional tendencies, particularly how these are expressed through human interactions. She is most influenced by situations in which sincerity meets absurdity. Instruments commonly used by the artist include printmaking presses, rural environments, animal behaviours, games, handicraft and the bass guitar.

Hannah Harkes has been exhibiting since 2008, predominantly in Estonia, but also in the UK, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, Italy, the USA, Russia, and China. She increasingly works collaboratively, instigating multidisciplinary events and projects, alongside her solo work as an artist. Since 2012, Hannah has been based in Tallinn, Estonia, where she is the letterpress master at Labora workshops and a member of Grafodroom printmaking studio.

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solo & duo exhibitions:
2017 The Ground Beneath the Tree Moved Like a Congregation (with Mari Prekup), Draakoni Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2016 Bad Henry, Kulturmagasinet, Bergkvara, Sweden
2015 YouRomantix, Y-Gallery, Tartu, Estonia
2014 Sweat, Amandus Adamson’s House Museum, Paldiski, Estonia
2014 Lollipop Elixir, Tank Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2014 Ungravity Kiosk (with Tessa Androutopoulos), Ptarmigan, Tallinn, Estonia
2013 Oooesty Ya Oooesty, Printmaking In festival, Endla Theatre Cafe, Pärnu, Estonia
2013 Common Fictions in Realtime (with Sari T.M. Kivinen), Kontaining13:traces, Helsinki, Finland
2013 Ooodelleeen Ya Ooodelleeen, Cafe Bar No.9, Helsinki, Finland
2012 Vrouw Maria, Kontaining, Helsinki, Finland
2011/12 A Series Of Drawings Relating To The Restoration Process, Tiib, Tallinn, Estonia

MA Death, Religion & Culture at University of Winchester, England (2016-)
BA Hons Fine Art Printmaking at Gray’s School of Art, Scotland (2007-2011)

studio: Grafodroom, Tallinn, Estonia (2013-)

work: Letterpress master at Labora, Tallinn, Estonia (2014-)

born: Aberdeen, Scotland, 1989

email: hannahharkes(at)

phone: +372 58I29182