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Designed and led by Villem Jahu & Hannah Harkes, EAR-SWAP is a workshop in dislocating sound and experiencing environments through the explorative movements of another person. Participants temporarily surrender to each other the ability to guide their own ears and thus lose the power to intervene with the sounds they hear, whilst being given absolute control over what is sent down the ear canals of another.

As well as allowing us to listen to various different public settings through the ears of someone else, the mediation method also singles out some frequencies above others (discriminating in favour of women and children), which serves to further distance the method from our regular system of hearing.

We provide the technological equivalent of chopping each participant’s ears off, mixing them all up and then attaching each set of ears to a new owner before heading out for a walk about.

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Ptarmigan, Toom-Kooli 13, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia : 15th of March 2014, 2pm – 3pm
Camp Pixelache, Vartiosaari, Finland : 7th of June 2014, 9pm & 8th of June 12.01am with Taavi Suisalu’s Nightseeing Tour
Dailininkų sąjungos galerija, Vilnius, Lithuania : 23rd of June 2014, 2pm

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