I am a Scottish artist and printmaker based in Tallinn, Estonia. Themes addressed can vary greatly, as I tend to make each new work in direct response to a specific space or context and rarely exhibit the same work twice. Recent works show a preoccupation with animal traces in human behaviour. Snakes, moles, crocodiles and dogs are brought out to disarm; playful approaches encourage benevolent directness. I often combine printmaking or drawing with installation, performance, or event.

Alongside my solo projects, I am a member of sound-dance collective adhesion, and have worked in a number of other interdisciplinary collaborative projects since 2008.

This website contains documentation of four-dimensional performances and events, three-dimensional installations and objects, two-dimensional prints, and a shortened CV. Diary-like images are irregularly uploaded, not very instantly here. You can reach me through hannahharkes(├Ąt)gmail.com