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‘Hectare’ is a board game in which players navigate the potential inclines and downfalls of living as a farmer, based upon current day economic prospects in Estonia.

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Players can earn their income by growing wheat on their hectare of land. Buying cows and selling milk is another form of income, though players must own at least two cows before they can produce enough milk for the lorry to visit. Players who accidentally have children can increase their workforce, but must spend most of their time on the journey to school and back. In the darkest corner of the board, lies the forest, within which grows sinine käoking. The rules of the game are constructed so that game play is very slow, repetitive, and tiring, to the point of futility.

The work is part of the exhibition Elust Maal / Life On Earth And In The Country (curated by Mari Kartau), in Kunstihoone, Tallinn, from 04.03.17 to 16.04.17

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