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Photo: Epp Kubu

Mutivana was an event-specific performance at Turbulant Mole /// Performance Mode in Grafodroom, Tallinn, 7.-8. October 2017. Combining the characteristics of a mole [estonian: mutt], an elderly woman [estonian: vana mutt (derogatory)], and Father Christmas [estonian: Jõuluvana], Mutivana welcomed visitors, one by one, into her burrow, backstage. Visitors could sit on her knee and have their photo taken, before being presented with a small gift – an envelope containing a letterpress printed greeting card from Mutivana and soil from between the tracks of the new Kopli tram line. As she was almost blind, very frail (particularly after a succession of heavier weight visitors), and had some trouble with verbal communication, Mutivana was regularly supported by the kindness and patience of others. Her burrow was open to visit at various times throughout the night, and after 4am she ventured out of her burrow to hit the bar and the drumkit.

See all photos of Mutivana with her visitors:

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