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‘P+P’ group exhibition, Pack & Send, Edinburgh, Scotland (20-26/08/2016)

The exhibition was curated by Scottish art collective Place + Platform, who invited 10 artists to make a new work using a cardboard box. The paper used in PostEurop was handmade by pulping the cardboard box which Place + Platform posted from Scotland to Estonia. The postcard-sized sheets of paper were printed on using the photopolymer letterpress technique. The postcards were then pre-addressed to approximately 100 different people from the Estonian/Baltic art and culture scenes before being sent back to Edinburgh for the exhibition. Once installed within the exhibition, visitors could purchase (at the cost of £1 each) a pre-address postcard, write on it and send it to the addressee, perhaps beginning an ongoing dialogue. PostEurop served as a lifeline from ‘Brexit’ Britain to the EU country of Estonia. The work shares its name with the association of European public postal operators, PostEurop which is known amongst the world of stamp collectors as the co-ordinator of the annually issued Europa postage stamps. Europa stamps aim to build awareness of the common roots, culture and history of Europe and its common goals.

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