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Whokkake? is an amorous guessing game for 3+ players.

What you will need: a sheet of paper for each player, tape, a pen, (optional: name tags, erotic music)

1. A blank sheet of paper is attached to the back of each player and a name tag to their front (if players don’t know each other’s names).
2. All players stand in a circle, facing inwards.
3. Player 1 enters the circle facing outwards and approaches the first person on his/her left (Player 2). Player 1 instigates some form of interaction with Player 2 (it might be spoken, gestural, physical or non-physical contact…)
4. Player 1 instigates the same form of interaction with the next person on his/her left (Player 3) and proceeds to move around the circle anti-clockwise, performing the same interaction with each player until he/she is back to his/her original place.
5. Player 1 again approaches Player 2, this time presenting his/her back to them.
6. Having witnessed Player 1’s interaction with all other players, Player 2 writes on the sheet of paper attached to Player 1’s back, the name of the player who he/she guesses Player 1 is the most romantically attracted to.
7. Player 1 moves once more around the circle, (this time facing inward) with each player adding the name of one of the other players to their back.
8. Once Player 1 has been twice around the circle (front and back), he/she returns to his/her place.
9. Player 2 repeats steps 3-8, followed by Player 3 and so on.

As each player enters the circle, they must invent a new form of interaction, different from the players that have been before them, and repeat this form of interaction as consistently as possible with all other players as they make their round.

Each player keeps the sheet of paper attached to their back, therefore remaining unaware of the guesses that the others have made, until at least the end of the game. At no point is a player obligated to confirm whether or not the others have guessed correctly.

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