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photography by Karolin Köster

YouRomantix was a solo exhibition and collection of connected events that took place in Y-Galerii in Tartu, exploring explicitness, implicitness, veracity and hazy communication. By taking that which is candid and shrouding it in hesitance, a peculiar tension arrises between the uninhibited and the repressed. When communication swings between mystery and confession, we’re left to wander an environment of mist and explosions.

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Evening Light In A Pine Forest, paint and screenprint on weed control fabric, 2015

photography by Karolin Köster

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This Comic, linocut quadriptych on fabric, 2014/2015

photography by Karolin Köster


Noh, animation, 2015

photography by Karolin Köster

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Video Drawings, marker, pen, gouache, pencil, 2012/2013

photography by Karolin Köster


Upsychal (series of 6) punctured inner tubes and scrap birthday rubber, 2015

photography by Karolin Köster, Jaak Kikas

with performances from adhesion + Jonas Van den Bossche Vs HH + Priidik Hallas + Riho Kall
Saturday 4th of April 18:00

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riho kall video by riho vahtras+riho kall, adhesion video by kaarel adler, photography by Jaak Kikas

Figure Writing Workshop
Led by Hannah Harkes, Sunday 5th of April 14:00 – 17:00
FIGURE fbFigure Writing is a workshop in studying the nude model through writing. The set-up is similar to a regular life-drawing session, with a nude model holding a series of poses in front of the class. However in this case, there is no drawing or pictorial recording of the scene – the model is instead described and responded to by the participants with words. The workshop covers a series of short, 10 minute poses to get the ink running as well as some longer poses. We will close with a reading of a selection of the writings. Participants can write in the language of their choosing. Paper and pens will be provided, or those who prefer to write on a laptop, typewriter, etc, are welcome to bring theirs along.
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photography & writing by Fideelia-Signe Roots

Note Taking
led by Mari-Anna Lepasson, Saturday 11. of April 16:00 – 19:00, Sunday 12. of April 12:00 – 15:00
note fb event3Note taking acts as a mediation between the witnessed events and an interpretation of them. Note taking can be more than just words written in a notebook. It could be sketching, recording sounds and images. Our event will take place during two days. First, you will have an opportunity to hear talks by professionals in the field of social science and art who will share their experiences. There will be a discussion on note taking and its alternative ways, finding and recording hidden meanings and the types of knowledge notes support. The second day will involve you in practical activities. The homework will be to take notes from the world around you. After sharing and comparing, the notes will be used to create a common representation of the observed world, for example, a map or a story.
GUEST PRESENTERS: Catherine Earl, John Grzinich, Paul Lepasson
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photography by Mari-Anna Lepasson

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing In Spider’s Web Net Working Dinner Party
Saturday, 25. of April
wolffbeventTo close the exhibition, let’s have a party in Y and get to know each other, but instead of showing yourself off, better get somebody else to do it for you. Shed your trousers, your professional and personal identity and try on the position of a borrowed outfit’s owner. This will be a dinner party for introverted networkers, rife with disguise and misrepresentation, in which to eat food, foster future collaborations and dance.
P.S. wear loose clothing for the sake of larger people (or bring a spare outfit that’s baggy)
MUSIC: DJ Kindling
FOOD: Mari Does Dolma catering company
PERFORMANCE: Herpes Simplex 1 by Sandra Jõgeva
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hi-fi photography by Karolin Köster, lo-fi photography by Mari Prekup


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