with Mari Prekup

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As IN Graafika festival 2015 approached, GRAFOROTIKA evolved from rollerskate printmakers into a full-body people press, consisting of two enterable tubes – the first with a rubber surface, for inking, and the second for applying pressure.

GRAFOROTIKA is a collaborative project by Mari Prekup and Hannah Harkes.

GRAFOROTIKA 2.0 at Endla Teater, Pärnu – 15. August 2015

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cheerleaders: Morgan Schagerberg + Maurice Abelman
musicians: bonnie ja clyde

GRAFOROTIKA 2.0 at Tam Galerii, Tallinn – 16. August 2015

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cheerleaders: Tuutu + Jari
musician: Katri Meh
photography: S0/ren Peter Sieg M0/rch

made possible with the help of: Martin Rattas, Tõnu Narro, Sarah Lebot-Toledo, S0/ren Peter Sieg M0/rch + g/f, Pipeman, Villem Jahu, Kaarel Adler, KULKA +….

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