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Snot is playable in pairs. Take turns to make a move with needle and thread, vying to be the first to reach the finishing point. Shortcuts can be made along the route but they come at a price. If you don’t want to lose then be prepared to tell the other player something deeply sincere and horrible; deliver them a compliment in earnest; punch them; touch them; kick them; kiss them; make them blush or cry….

Hannah Harkes_'Snot'_linocut art game

Players move in stitches so that their places will not be lost if the game is thrown aside in a fit of passion or anger. A single game can last for minutes or years, depending upon the depth of argument/pleasure/pain/connection reached.

Snot requires honesty.

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Snot contains : the game board printed from a handcut linoleum block onto fabric; instructions for play; two needles; two threads; and a pocket to hold everything inside.

Made as an edition of 40.

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