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in collaboration with Mari Prekup

vaaring4 (Large)

‘Vääring’ is a modular structure of linocut prints on canvas, comprising of eight variously angled panels, which address valuation, in terms of culture and economics. Trees are abstracted, from the ancient oak of Tülivere, to a forest of young birch, and a desolate collection of stumps. How much is a tree worth, in wood and lore? Alongside the valuation of forestry economics, and the invaluable mythology of spirit trees (hiis), sits a close-up image of an apron, with national pattern and lace. As a bride sneaks away from the ceremony, to the hush of a tree, she hides a lump of fresh, raw, sacrificial meat between her fabric’s folds – an offering to nature, and a tasty example of wholesome, local produce. The remaining panels speak of spilled milk and rotten strawberries, unpicked.



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